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CFRA Public Comment

Submitted March 29, 2022
Re: California Coastal Commission Staff Report

Submitted May 8, 2022
Re: Morro Bay Consistency Determination


Submitted October 21, 2021
Re: Coast Guard Traffic Plan (PAC-PARS)


Submitted July 14, 2022
Re: BOEM Draft Lease Sale Document


Submitted July 19, 2022
Re: Public Sale Notice BOEM-2022-0017


Submitted November 21, 2022
Re: BOEM Oil and Gas Decommissioning
Preliminary Environmental Impact Study


Submitted February 8, 2023
Re: Commission Report: Preliminary Assessment of 
Economic Benefits of Offshore Wind


Submitted May 17, 2023
Legislative hearing on offshore wind & coastal commission staffing


Submitted August 3, 2023
Re: Notice of Preparation Humboldt Bay Harbor District’s (HBHD) Samoa Heavy Lift Terminal Facility

Submitted August 4, 2023
Re: California Coastal Commission
7C Working Group Nominee Letter of Support 


Submitted October 14, 2023
Re: BOEM, Oregon Draft WEA's

Submitted October 23, 2023
Re: Golden State Wind Fisheries Communication Plan


Submitted November 9, 2023
Re: Opposition to Proposed Data Buoys

Submitted March 1, 2024 Re: AXYS Metocean Project

Press Release March 4, 2024: AXYS Technologies Avoids Impact to Northern California Fishing

Submitted March 10, 2024: Comments to California Energy Commission on AB525 Strategic Plan

Ken Bates 3/15/24  Interview on Headline Humboldt

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