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Executive Team

About Clofisco, Inc


Ken Bates, CFRA Executive Director 

Ken is a founding members of the California Fishermen’s Resiliency Association.

He has been a member of Humboldt Fishermen’s Marketing Association since 1974,

a board member since 1982, and vice-president for 10 years. His main focus as an

HFMA board member for 35 years was on waterfront land use, protective zoning,

and the prevention of shoreside fishing infrastructure loss. Ken has a long history

of working with municipal and state agencies especially the California Coastal

Commission. He has long been an advocate for small scale fishing operations and

entry level fisheries opportunities for young fishermen.

Ken has worked closely with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, serving

on the Salmon Licensing Review Board, the Market Squid Fishery Management Plan

Review Committee and the Directors Herring Advisory Committee since it was first established by Charlie Fullerton.

Linda Hildebrand, CFRA Co-Director 

Linda Hildebrand is a founding member of the California Fishermen’s

Resiliency Association. Currently she serves as a co-director.

She has been a member of Humboldt Fishermen’s Marketing

Association since 2010.


She began her commercial fishing career in 2010.  She is co-owner of the

F/V Ironic with her husband Ken Bates.  Together they fish salmon,

anchovies, sardines and herring. In the winter they build fishing gear

including Lampara nets, tuna poles, bait scoops and pads.

Michael Kraft, CFRA Grants Manager

Michael Kraft has worked in Humboldt County since 2003, as director of the Small Business Development Center, Projects Manager for Cardinal Services and Government Affairs Officer for Papa & Barkley. He serves on Eureka's Planning Commission, among other community involvements. Michael is a fan of wild-caught fish, but is a lousy fisherman. 

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